Cornelius was first introduced to the party as a suspect of a local paladin’s disappearance, however he helped rather than hindered the party in their attempts to find the local paladin brother.

Cornelius himself studied divine and arcane magic at the Heimdall Fortress that the player characters came from, and that is how he gained a reputation amongst the order, although not being a holy man himself.

He owns a tea shop and lives with his two younger nephews whose parents where killed in their sleep by bandits. They are all half elves, and all posses the ability to cast magic.

Cornelius is a wizard of great power who hides his abilities from the dwarven populous as much as possible as they despise the use of Arcane and Divine magics. Although striken with a curse cast by a group of opposing wizards to make him insane and older physically than he actually is, he recovered when Sigurd and Sheld helped with the casting of a divine ritual to destroy the curse, during the ritual the circle of thirteen ritualists were revealed in a vision.

Cornelius also volunteered to go to the Technological Nation of the Elves across the sea to help his dear friend, the missing local paladin, who was kidnapped by slavers in an attempt to thank the two adventurers who helped him overcome the curse of insanity and feebleness that afflicted him for untold years without anyone realizing it.


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